My Story

Hello everyone! My name is Chelsea and I am a soon-to-be engaged Online Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach.  My boyfriend Joe and I have been dating for the past 7 years.  We met in high school, but didn't start dating until college and I kick myself for not snatching him up sooner! There will be more about our love story later on, but first a little bit about my fitness journey & who I am :)

I received my Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and then my Masters in Nutrition & Exercise Science.  My goal was always to help my students lead healthier lives by teaching them proper nutrition and exercises, along with giving them the tools to teach their families how to do the same.  Unfortunately, there was a hiring freeze when I graduated and a teaching job in NY was impossible to get and moving was not an option.  I started applying for executive assistant jobs (even though I didn't have much experience) and I ended up landing what I thought was a great one for a large financial firm in Manhattan.  I would wake up at 6am, be on the train by 7 in order to get to work by the lastest 8:30.  I then wouldn't be allowed to leave until close to 7 most nights, which mean't I wasn't back in my house until around 8:30pm.  The people that I worked for were downright mean and I literally had to ask permission to use the bathroom!! Those 14+ hour days killed my spirit, my body and my motivation.  I was still eating healthy, but because I was sitting for more than half the day and would come home too tired to work out, my weight ballooned a serious 20 pounds in a matter of 4 months.  I was miserable about my body and my job.  I decided to cut the crap and make a deal with myself that I would follow the P90X/Insanity hybrid program when I got home from work no matter how tired I was.  I ordered Shakeology and brought that to work with me to eat as lunch, which ended up working out great because it gave me a ton of much needed energy.  I began to see results almost immediately and that motivated me to keep pushing play, even though all I wanted to do was cuddle up in my bed.  I was blown away and I really started to evaluate my life and my feelings.  I realized that I was TOO YOUNG to be miserable at a job that had nothing to do with what I was passionate about.  I went to school to help people change their life with better nutrition and fitness programs, but instead I had given up myself.  I felt deflated, so at that moment I decided to quit my job (no amount of money was worth my happiness and sanity) and become a Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach.  I knew that I could help others achieve their fitness goals and change their lives the same way that I did.  I never looked back and I'm so happy that I took that big leap when I did!

Fast forward 3 years and I have helped tens of thousands of women achieve their fitness goals through my custom exercise schedules & personalized meal plans & I am THRILLED.  This is by far the most fulfilling job that there is!

Joe stands by me 100% and is my rock!  We have been dating for a LONG time & a ring is coming soon, but we have put off our engagement to focus on buying our first home instead.  But just because there's no sparkle on my finger yet doesn't mean that it's not time to start SLIMMING DOWN FOR THE GOWN!  So since I'm on my own (eventual) bridal fitness journey, I decided to start working with brides specifically to help them reach their goals.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can start your journey "slimming down for the gown", please contact me at  I would love to coach you to your weight loss goals and help you transform your life.  You just have to say YES (which clearly you ladies are already awesome at saying)!

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