Looking To Speed Up Your Weight Loss or Break Your Plateau?

Are you looking to put your weight loss on the fast track or are you stuck in a plateau where the scale wont budge?

Many people are in this situation, but are afraid to invest in a month long meal replacement program without testing it out first, which is completely understandable.  This is why we are offering the Shakeology 5 or 10 Day Weight Loss Challenge! This is a great, fast & fun way to jump start your weight loss, clean up your nutrition, lose a few pounds before an event or break a plateau.  You can read all about Shakeology & its benefits here.

You have the option of committing to either a 5 or 10 Day Challenge, where you replace one meal per day with a shake for the duration of your challenge, exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes for 4 out of every 5 days and follow the meal plan that is provided.

The average weight loss for our 10 Day Challenge is 5 POUNDS!

As your coach, I will be there every step of the way with unlimited amounts of support, motivation & the encouragement you need to maximize results!

You have three options to take part in The Shakeology Weight Loss Challenge:

*Commit to the 5 Day Challenge for $25

*Commit to the 10 Day Challenge for $50

*Order a 30 Day Supply for $129, so that you can continue your good nutrition & weight loss after the challenge period.  The 30 Day supply comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you're not happy at any time within those first 30 days (even if you've finished the ENTIRE bag), Beachbody will REFUND YOU COMPLETELY, so there is NO risk! 

After your challenge and seeing all of the benefits Shakeology offers, if you decide to stick with it, your monthly Shakeology cost will be $112.  That is less than $4 per day as a meal replacement.  It is significantly cheaper than any Starbucks run, deli stop or drive thru and is immensely healthier!

Register NOW for the Shakeology Weight Loss Challenge! You have nothing to lose except the pounds, but you will gain something even more rewarding: CONFIDENCE IN YOUR BODY!

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