Top 4 Bride-To-Be Fitness Mistakes

For some of you, one of the scariest thoughts about your wedding day is that all eyes will be fixated on you.  On the other hand some of you are probably thoroughly looking forward to the idea of being the center of attention for the day!   Either way, knowing that everyone will be looking at you while exchanging vows and then dancing the night away, many brides have a tendency to go into overdrive when it comes to health and fitness.  Suddenly, you’re working out for hours on end and your fast food runs have transitioned into Ziploc bags filled with fresh produce and grilled chicken.

Although this does benefit your health and fitness, you can find yourself getting “too much of a good thing” if you take it too far with your physical wellness routine or overlook certain aspects of it.  As a bride, you certainly deserve to enjoy everything about your special day.  One way to insure that is by taking note of the four fitness mistakes that many brides-to-be tend to make.

Having Unrealistic Expectations
If you were a size 12 when he proposed to you, then he loved you as a size 12.  Therefore, don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself to get into a size 6 wedding gown.  It can actually do a number on your self-esteem because if you only have a couple of months until the big day, it’s a pretty unrealistic goal to set yourself.  Every bride has a different amount of weight they would like to lose before their big day, whether it’s 10 lbs. or 60 lbs., but more than anything, you want to be healthy and fit.  A loss of weight is just a bonus.  I recommend setting SMART goals for your wedding weight loss and breaking your ultimate goal into smaller ones that will keep you more motivated to keep going every time that you accomplish one.  SMART goals have five aspects. 
    1.    The goal must be specific, which means that it is clear and unambiguous.  You must ask yourself what do you want to accomplish, why you want to accomplish the goal explaining the purpose and benefits of it and who is involved.
    2.    The goal must be measurable, which means that there has to be a criteria in place to measure your progress toward the attainment of your goal.  Measuring progress helps you stay on track, reach your smaller goals and feel the exhilaration of seeing your hard work pay off.  For this goal, you might choose a number of pounds to lose and keep track by having weekly scale weigh-ins.  You may choose how many inches to lose and keep track by taking your measurements weekly.  You can also choose how much you would like your body fat % to go down and measure this by using calipers or a digital body fat calculator.
    3.    The goal must be attainable, which stresses the importance of the goal being realistic.  While an attainable goal might take a lot of hard work and dedication in order to achieve, it is not extreme.  You have to ask yourself how you are going to achieve this goal.  How are you going to change your eating habits and what exercise program are you going to follow? It is healthiest to lose between 1-2 pounds per week, so if you have 3 months leading up to your wedding day, then losing 24 pounds would be an attainable goal.  If you have 6 months before your wedding day, then losing 48 pounds would be considered an attainable goal.
    4.    The goal must also be relevant, which means that it would answer “yes” to questions such as “does this seem worthwhile?” and “is this the right time?”.  You girls are already set for this one because wanting to get in better shape and lead a healthier lifestyle for your wedding is extremely relevant!
    5.    Lastly, the goal must be time-bound.  This ties into the attainability of the goal.  You are setting a target date for your ultimate goal.  A commitment to a deadline helps you focus your efforts on completing the goal on or before the due date.  Your deadline will most likely be a few days before your wedding, so you will be able to figure out exactly how much time you have between now and then.

Doing Extreme Trainings
Women are known for taking it a little too far in their exercise regimen at times like these.  Some are going to the gym 2-3x a day and others are working out for hours on end.  This is not a healthy way to lose weight.  You run the risk of a workout injury by not properly preparing your body for such strenuous training and this is not the type of exercise routine that can be realistically continued for long periods of time or after your wedding.  You will get burnt out and once you are not working out as intensely, you can experience weight gain, which will dishearten you.

Overlooking Your Diet
While planning for your wedding, there can be a big temptation to eat your way of the stress or the overspending that you’ve been doing (trust me, I’m right there with you, I would do anything to devour a pint of chunky monkey right now).  Don’t!  Even if you are working out, it’s counterproductive to exercise to exercise if all that you are eating is a lot of junk food.  Make sure that you use this time to also give your body the healthy food and nutrients that it needs.  Oh, and don’t forget that juice, wine and alcohol are packed with calories, so it’s a good idea to keep the drink consumption to a minimum.  If anything needs to be your best friend right now, it would be a huge bottle of water that you bring with you everywhere!

Not Getting A Support System
You might be surprised by the fact that many brides are unable to reach their wedding day fitness goal and it’s all because they didn’t have the right support system that they needed.  You want to surround yourself with people who are going to be there to pick you up and motivate you to keep going if you slip up.  Make sure that you tell your family, bridesmaids and others close to you that you will be following a strict meal plan and exercise program leading up to your wedding.  By telling them, they can encourage you and also hold you accountable during the dress fittings and wedding cake tastings!

If you take a mental note of these mistakes and make a conscious effort not to make them yourself, then you will definitely be on the right track to accomplish your wedding fitness goals and beyond!  You just have to take the first step and say “YES!” to starting your journey.  That is the hardest step, but if you start today, you are one day closer to achieving your dream wedding body and living a healthier life!

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