Stop Putting It Off!

How often have you put off getting in shape for one reason or another?  Life gets busy, I get it, but if you don’t take action to shape up your body and your health, you are only delaying the positive outcomes of an active lifestyle.  Next time you feel like saying “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow”, remember what your answers are to the questions below:

1.    Think of a get healthy task you don’t feel like doing.  Ask yourself, “Why not?”.  Take a moment to jot down the reason below.
For me, I would really like to run a half-marathon, but I HATE running.  Even being fit, sometimes I feel like someone is stabbing me in the stomach, heart and throat all at the same time while running.  I have no desire to be outside in extreme heat or blistering cold just to get better at running.  I’d much rather pop in one of my DVDs in the comfort of my living room instead.

2.    Write down the best possible outcome if you complete the task listed above and the worst possible outcome if you skip it.
The best possible outcome would be that I run a half marathon and feel completely accomplished and proud of myself.  I’d probably be on cloud 9 and then go throw up from running that much!  The worst possible outcome would be that I never meet the goal and I become one of those people who wants to do something, but never actually makes it happen.

3.    Ask yourself, “By putting it off, am I helping or hurting my situation?”.  Make notes of your thoughts below.
I am only hurting myself because if it is something that I really want to accomplish and am passionate about, then I should just get up, put my big girl panties and sneakers on and GO DO IT!  I constantly come up with excuses of why I can’t (or don’t want to) go outside to run, but these are just stupid.  Once I complete my current P90X/Insanity hybrid, I am going to COMMIT to running a half marathon, no ifs, and or buts!
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