Let Love Shine: Sparklers!

I absolutely adore the use of sparklers in wedding photos and for send-offs!  There is just something so beautiful about them and looking at pictures of them put a huge smile on my face & I begin to doze off into wedding planning dream land:)  You can make hearts, wrap you & your honey up in a fairytale type dust or write out words.  I've seen the usual "love" written, but i've also seen the wedding party, along with bride & groom spell out "thank you" with the sparklers to use for thank you cards.  Of course you can also use them for a stunning send-off to remember.  Not many of us can afford fireworks & they're usually over so quickly, so sparklers are a great alternative!  After a long night, they work so well to bring smiles to your guests' faces & make you feel even more beautiful & special on your day.  This is one wedding trend that I highly recommend.

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